More Non Furry Clients

It's official. I'm am now taking photographs of non furry clients... I've been taking photos of little ones for quite sometime, but I never advertised that I did it. I would have friends, or when I had my store, customers with children, asking for me to take photos of their children. I would just set them up in the studio and kinda sorta pretend they were dogs... It worked. The children seem to take direction about the same as dogs... Why didn't I think of this sooner! Now onto the big news in all of this, and why I've decided to expand with outdoor photography with kids (and dogs of course)... I'm setting up a new studio in Maple Ridge (there will be more on that in the very near future)!

Non Furry Clients Accepted

Here is just a small sample of a real sweetheart with tons of talent in front of the camera. She made it easy.

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