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The Jewellery Photography Process

For all the jewellers out there! Since I have had many people ask, here's how my jewellery photography process works, and provides you with the best possible images to promote your creations!

a pin with a photo of a man from the 50's with a layered paper mat
Grace & Decay

Once I get the pieces I create a shared folder where I put all your images. I shoot each set up, editing and uploading to Dropbox as I go. I photograph all your rings, or all your necklaces, for example, in one session since the camera angle and set up varies by product category. If you need your pieces back quickly, I'll shoot everything at once and edit afterwards. Since I upload as I go, you can do your website upload gradually, making it easier for you to manage if needed. You can do a little at a time instead of being overwhelmed the day before launch.

a necklace made out of black disposable gloves
Artist Grace and Decay

My rates depend on how many pieces you need photographed. The more images, the lower the price per image.

If you have a jeweller friend who needs photos as well, combine them together to get the best rates.

This process has been refined over the years and works well for jewellers, allowing you to be more productive with your creative time.

There you have it! Please contact me to book your next shoot! or 604-250-3734


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