Jewellery Shoot

What an amazing start to the New Year! I've been super busy shooting lots of jewellery, dogs and getting my new studio organized. It's been so nice being able to shoot in my very own space again, but I have to say, this space is WAY better to work in than the studio at the Dog & Hydrant. I have SO much more room, and I love that everything is here in one space. Here are some pieces from the shoot I did for Melanie Auld. I love her designs!! Go check out her website!!

Sweet Olive

I had my first dog shoot last weekend where the client came to me from Vancouver! Her name is Olive... She's a 14 year old girl. She looks great, but her owners said that she's not doing so well. She was diagnosed with cancer... I'm just glad that I got a chance to meet her, take her photos and that her owner will have these photos for years to come.

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