Look At What Has Brightened My Studio

Well, after a deluge of rain and a hailstorm or two, the sun has reappeared! One of the latest shoots to brighten my studio, on the cloudier days, was Irit Sorokin Designs collection. These warm, soulful creations feature stones from around the world, each uniquely hand crafted with love and talent. So many projects going on IN and OUTSIDE of the studio, the excitement of Spring is everywhere!

Another Day in Paradise

So lucky to have a profession where I can be inspired and immersed in the great outdoors rather than being stuck in a cubicle forced to look longingly out the window until the time clock lets me go. For this, i am unfathomably grateful. Check out one of my latest product shoots. Pillow Fight Factory's pillow collection is magnificent and whimsical. It's the only pillow fight in history where the fight is over who gets the pillow! I have been thoroughly enjoying the recent product shots. They are each unique and provide an opportunity to flex some creativity and exercise different techniques. There's still dog chew toys around the studio to remind me that four-legged subjects are always w

Spring Has Sprung

Hard to believe it's already April! The fourth month of 2016 brings more jewelry and product shoots, following a number of sessions in March for L.E.A.S.H Animal Welfare Society. Privileged to be shooting Melanie Auld's creations again! Her work just lights up the studio on even the cloudiest of Vancouver days. Check out the elegance in her previous collection... just wait for the latest! I'm skipping the Maple Ridge Homeshow this year, so will sadly miss our friends at Maple Ridge Florist and End of the Roll. Wishing them a fun and successful event, April 29th, 30th & May 1st 2016. As Spring hits its stride and the days get longer, the fauna comes to life around the homestead. From the

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