Where Has The Year Gone?

Wow! Fall is upon us already. Where has the year gone? Another exciting season of photography comes to a close as my favourite season begins to take hold. The sun gets lower in our sky and the light shines magically, creating an appetite for inspiration and whimsy. Living in the country, the seasons are all the more important and evident. Surrounded by nature, you can't help but notice the changes; the dew captured on a roman bean that escaped picking. The squirrels scrambling to take advantage of a boom crop of walnuts, dropping them from great heights onto one of our jalopies below in the hopes of cracking them open and reaping the reward. Enough about my delight at the coming of fall! Let


I recently had the privilege of photographing a unique and innovative selection from Spence Diamonds. This stacking ring collection is elegant and timeless, and allows each lucky client to create a personal look that's theirs alone! A great concept, and a beautiful execution, this will be a winner.

Keltie Leeanne Designs

Keltie Leeanne Designs has produced a collection that elegantly marries stone and precious metals. Each creation is unique and distinct from the other, allowing you to adorn a style that is yours, and yours alone. What an inspiring collection!

Hazel & Wilfred's Latest Designs

Hazel & Wilfred have created a collection that blends inspirations from nature and the simplicity of strong design. Their jewelry could be equally in step at a ballroom or at a visit to your local Starbucks. A heartfelt collection that should be the envy of anyone who appreciates art and beauty. SaveSaveSave

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