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New Studio

It has been an unbelievably busy week. With shooting almost every day, trying to get my loft ready for sale and getting my new studio set up and usable, it has all been a bit of a whirlwind. I am happily going through all the images today from the past week and dreaming about what this will look like a year from now. My new studio is still in the bare bones stage. The walls need to be insulated, the floors need to be sanded... I need electiricity!!! I know exactly were everything will be going. Things are moving right along. The pace is going a little slower than I would like, but for a patient person, I'm very impatient.

The big move will be happening in the next month or when my place sells. I will still be keeping my studio downtown for those who live closer to Vancouver. I will have the Maple Ridge studio for those that live in this area, or who would like to come for an outdoor shoot. The studio is on 5 acres, with a surplus of different shooting backdrops. I LOVE it out here

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