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Wow it's been a busy year... I know that's how I started my last post from August, but it has been! From selling my loft and moving to the country, to building my studio in an old barn, to becoming a part time mom to two sweet, wonderful boys. It has been a totally action packed, and exciting year! My studio is in the last stages of completion. The first coat of mud is drying on the walls as I type this. It should be ready for paint by this coming Monday!! My plan is to have it all done by the end of the month! Starting my new year in my new studio. How perfect is that?!?! The Eastside Culture Crawl in late Novemeber was good this year, but definately a different vibe from last. It didn't seem as busy this year, but I did get quite a few jobs from it. The good thing is that it seems more jobs came from my website, and repeat/word-of-mouth refereals. I did the Spring issue of ModernDog Magazine... That will be out in March? I also did a job for the Vancouver Animal Control Shelter! We photographed 10 dogs that day for the new licencing flyer/program. Funnily enough, Daisy will be in both campaigns! I was super happy that both ModernDog and VACS came to Maple Ridge to get their photos on the property! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

The latest... I'll start photographing the animals up for adoption at the Maple Ridge SPCA starting this Friday!!! SO looking forward to doing that again!

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