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New Year, New Studio

The studio is done! It feels so fantastic to finally have it completed! Now the fun part... organizing the studio so it works for me. The couch has been ordered, the book cases are up, and the work area is set up. The shooting space will be so great once I build the system to hold the backdrops. I'll update with photos once it's all in order! SO excited!!

I've moved out of the Parker St., studio.... Martina needed the extra space for her upholstry classes. It's okay, I think it was a great space, but SUPER dusty... I'm also going to miss doing the Culture Crawl... oh well, we will be able to GO to the next one! I'm shooting out of a new location at 14 W 7th, Vancouver Photo Workshops I did 2 shoots there this past Sunday. It worked out quite nicely! Looking forward to shooting there again.

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