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Fancy Headpiece

I have started to do a few photos of my girl Daisy wearing flower headpieces... She is such a patient girl that I couldn't help not do it. It has now pleasantly, become a request when doing the photos for clients recently... Finn and Joan have now joined the flower headpiece series. If you would like to do some photos of your pup with a bunch of flowers on their head, just give me a shout and we can work something out. Joan is classic Chanel type and Finn is fun and colourful! What do you think? These lastest photos are inspired by Sophie Gamand's Pitpull Flower Power... She created Flower Power to challenge the way people look at pit bull-type dogs... I think she is doing an amazing job at it! A portion of the sales from the flower inspired photos will go back into rescue to help dogs in need.

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